Climate Resilient WASH Flood Emergency Response

Pakistan Humanitarian Action
March 2023
March 2024

The overall purpose of the project is to ensure the restoration of water, sanitation and hygiene services at community and institutional level by benefiting 175,000 people in total (45,500 women 47,250 men, 82,250 children (40,250 girls and 42,000 boys) in two districts of Balochistan (Naseerabad, Sohbatpur), including elderly people and people with disability).
The project also aims to enhance awareness among women, men and girls on Protection against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (PSEA), DRR, climate change, climate resilient WASH facilities, WASH-related diseases, Gender based violence, to eliminate inequalities and to reduce the exploitation of human rights.

Current projects

Localized Multi-Hazard Anticipatory Action Facility Pakistan
Girls’ Lower Secondary Education Programme (GLSEP) in Pakistan
Emergency multi-sectoral assistance and response to address the basic needs of population most affected by displacements and natural disasters in Pakistan
Building Resilience Through Early Recovery Support to Flood-Affected Communities of Pakistan
Climate Resilient WASH Flood Emergency Response
Climate Resilient WASH Flood Emergency Response in two districts (District Jacobadad and District Kashmore) of Sindh in Pakistan
Pakistan Flood Response 2022
Integrated multi-sectoral flood relief and early recovery in Sindh and Baluchistan
Strengthening resilience through food security and livelihoods support to drought-affected communities of Umerkot District in Pakistan
Adolescent and Adult Learning and Training Program (AALTP)