Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project in Faryab and Badghis

Afghanistan Civil society and effective governance
May 2017
October 2021

This project aims to strengthen local governance capacity at the community level to support the provision of universal access to basic services, which will contribute to poverty reduction and a more stable and legitimate Afghan state.

The action intents to support communities, Community Development Councils (CDCs) and Cluster CDCs to know their development rights, their roles and responsibilities in achieving development in their communities through equitable, inclusive, transparent and participatory ways, to capacitate communities, CDCs and CCDCs to function as effective gateways for services provision and development and address key issues to contribute to poverty reduction.

ACTED will also support linkage between government counterparts and the communities, improve accountability in service provision and increase the trust of the Citizens vis-à-vis the State through increased visibility and attribution to the Government and transfer knowledge to the Government institutions at national, provincial and district levels from among emerging leader in the communities

Current projects

Provision of humanitarian WASH response and durable solutions to vulnerable people in humanitarian need

Hiring Facilitating Partner EZ-KAR, Package#2 (Mehtarlam, Assabadad, Parun)

Hiring facilitating partner (FP) : Urban CCAP Second Additional Financing Expansion : Faizabad

Eshteghal Zaiee – Karmondena Project (EZ-Kar), Facilitating Partner-EZ-KAR, Package # 4 (Taluqan)

Provision of transitional and emergency shelter and sanitation facilities, food and nutrition assistance to conflict and natural disaster affected communities in hard-to-reach areas, whilst increasing evidence based humanitarian programming in Afghanistan

Continuing access to education for crisis-affected children in Faryab province of Afghanistan

Accelerating ending open defecation in Afghanistan, Aqcha, Jawzjan provin

District Development Fund

Sustained Rural Development Programme (SRDP) Phase IV

Citizens’ Charter Afghanistan Project in Faryab and Badghis