Cash Consortium of Yemen (CCY): Harmonized Multi-purpose Cash Assistance to meet critical basic needs among vulnerable households

Yemen Humanitarian Action
September 2021
August 2022

This 12-month project, under the Cash Consortium Yemen (CCY) with DRC as grant leader, aims to increase the ability of vulnerable conflict-affected populations of Yemen to build stable foundations through addressing the most acute humanitarian needs and linking humanitarian and social protection programming.

In total, 8,265 crisis-affected households (HH) – approximately 57,855 people- will benefit from Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance (MPCA), as well as referral pathways, to meet critical basic needs, reduce the use of negative coping strategies and develop linkages with longer-term programming.

Current projects

Cash Consortium of Yemen (CCY) Harmonized Multi-Purpose Cash Assistance to Meet Critical Basic Needs Among Vulnerable Households

Provision of life saving WASH assistance to vulnerable IDP and Host Community households in Al Wady District, Marib Governorate, Yemen

Evidence-Based Planning and Programming for Humanitarian actors in Yemen

Comprehensive Emergency Response to Communities Affected by Displacement, Health and Environmental Shocks in Yemen

Increasing the resilience of vulnerable populations in Yemen towards health risks through sustainable WaSH (R-WaSH)

Evidence-Based Programming for Humanitarian Actors in Yemen

Promoting resilience and social cohesion through an integrated response to vulnerable communities in Yemen