Cash assistance to address the immediate food and basic needs of Lebanese and migrants most severely impacted by the economic crisis

Lebanon Humanitarian Action
August 2022
July 2023

This 12-month programme will provide area-based and punctual assistance to 7,500 individuals (Lebanese and migrant community) most in need in the Governorates of Akkar and Beirut Mount Lebanon (BML), as well as the urban areas of Tripoli (North Governorate). Targeting an estimated 4,125 women and girls and 3,375 men and boys, ACTED will provide: a) cash-based assistance for acute food needs of 7,500 vulnerable individuals; b) cash-based assistance for basic needs (in the form of multipurpose cash assistance - MPCA) of the same 7,500 individuals (disbursed at the household (HH) level to 2,000 vulnerable households).

Current projects

Sustainability, income generation and job creation through the support of irrigation and water collection infrastructure in Lebanon (Phase IV)