Cash Assistance and Restoration of Livelihoods in Sindh Province, Pakistan

Pakistan Humanitarian Action
May 2021
March 2022

The proposed 10-month intervention is designed to respond to the early recovery needs of the vulnerable population of Umerkot district (Sindh) to bridge the gap between emergency response and rehabilitation. The recent floods further deteriorated agriculture, one of the primary sources of livelihood of small farmers, and/or daily wage labour already affected by drought, locust attack, and COVID-19 in district Umerkot. The project activities are designed in a manner that these are aligned and integrated into the ongoing response by other humanitarian actors in the district to maximize the collective impact of the interventions. Rebuilding sustainable livelihood systems is essential for disaster early recovery, for the prevention of further shocks, and reduction of the risks associated with subsequent disasters. ACTED designed these interventions to focus considerable attention on improving timeliness, with practical measures to support rapid recovery after rapid response to emergency and scale-up assistance with a greater emphasis on participatory approach by building the capacity of communities.

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Cash Assistance and Restoration of Livelihoods in Sindh Province, Pakistan

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