Assistance alimentaire pour les ménages les plus affectés par l’insécurité alimentaire dans les zones classées en phase d’IPC3+, Communes de Roseau et Abricot

Haiti Humanitarian Action
October 2020
May 2021

This 7-month project (October 19, 2020 to May 31, 2021) aims to provide food assistance to 2,950 food insecure households (CPI 3+). Through this initiative, 2,950 households in the communes of Roseau and Abricot in the department of Grande Anse will benefit from two cycles of food distribution, followed by two cycles of cash transfers in coordination with local and institutional actors as well as representatives and community leaders of the beneficiaries. To complete the intervention, ACTED will conduct sensitization activities on good nutritional, food and hygiene practices among the beneficiaries.

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Food assistance for the households most affected by food insecurity in areas classified as IPC3+, Communes of Roseau and Abricot

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