Sri Lanka

Anticipatory response to Southwest monsoon in South and Western provinces of Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Humanitarian Action
May 2022
June 2022

This 45-day project aims to strengthen the resilience of at-risk populations to flooding and landslides caused by the Southwest Monsoon. Already financially strained, at-risk households will not have the capacity to prepare in advance for the monsoon rains. The rains are expected to have a significant impact on earnings, with vulnerable individuals having limited or no income for days at a stretch. Furthermore, compounded by the Covid-19 pandemic, the capacity of government authorities to respond to disasters is considerably stretched. To address this, the action will provide 4,400 households with Cash For Work for preparatory activities in advance of the rainfall, equip and strengthen the capacity of Safety Centres to support a minimum of 50 households per center with shelter and hygiene facilities and, provide 7 district-level Disaster Management Centres with response kits to ensure adequate response capacities.

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