Animation and perpetuation of the French-Iraqi Cultural Institute in Mosul – Iraq

Iraq Strengthening Institutions and Civil Society
November 2021
May 2022

With the support of the French Institute in Iraq and the University of Mosul, ICFI organizes a large number of activities such as:

- Cultural activities: conferences, exhibitions, screenings, etc;
- Pedagogical/linguistic activities: French language classes, etc;
- Outreach activities: ICFI is now a point of passage for French and Francophone delegations and associations visiting Mosul.

This grant will also help to prepare the sustainability of the Center's activities.

Current projects

Facilitating economic recovery through the provision of sustainable livelihood opportunities in Sheikhan district, Ninewa governorate

Coordinated Action for Multi-Sector Programming in Camp and Out-of-Camp Settings

Meeting the vital needs of populations affected by the war in north-eastern Syria and displaced in Iraq