Addressing food insecurity for conflict and drought-affected households in Al-Hasakeh governorate, Northeast Syria (NES)

Syria Inclusive Economic Opportunities
April 2022
April 2023

In Al-Hasakeh governorate, ACTED will provide emergency monthly food assistance to 500 households (3,000 individuals) through an e-voucher modality for a duration of eight months. ACTED will also provide operational support to bakeries in the area on a monthly basis for a duration of 8 months, benefitting a total of 1,132 households (6,796 individuals) with increased access to subsidized bread. ACTED will support a total of 1,000 drought-affected farming households (6,000 individuals) through the provision of agricultural inputs. It will directly benefit an estimated total of 12,796 vulnerable individuals (2,132 HHs), and indirectly benefitting 49,872 individuals (approximately 8,312 households).

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