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ACTED has been committed the last 25 years in supporting the most vulnerable populations throughout the world. Our teams in te field and in the HQ are available to provide live testimonies and answer queries regarding humanitarian aid, crisis and development aid challenges were are tackling.

Welcome to ACTED media contact page !

You are looking for live testimonies or from the field reaction to the news?

Do not hesitate to contact us and we will work our best to fit your request.

You wish to shed light on current humanitarian crises throughout the world?

ACTED teams are available in 37 countries to share feedbacks and inputs, through live interview, as well as first-hand accounts of humanitarian crises and challenges in the field. Moreover, NGO ACTED teams are English and French speaking, with sound knowledge and understanding of territorial dynamics, with strong connexions to local communities.

You would like to join ACTED teams for a media report in the field?

Our teams can accomodate requests for reports depending on the contexts of intervention. We can consider embedding journalist or organizing interviews with our teams, partners and communities, to share live accounts from the field.

You are looking to raising awareness on sustainable solutions?

ACTED has a long-standing development expertise, with deep roots and connexions with local communities, grassroot organisations, stakeholders and local representatives. They are all committed and working on impacting and sustainable solutions towards development. We are all available to share our experience with you.

You wish to be kept informed of our operations and be included in our lists?

Do share your contact information which we will use to provide you with regular updates.

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Thank you for contacting us. Our press teams will get back to you shortly.

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