Ukraine Article

Facilitating local preparedness in Ukraine

Donbas in Ukraine is heavily industrialized, densely populated and resource-rich area. All these were massively affected by the conflict and turned into a real challenge for local authorities.


ACTED in Ukraine works together with local authorities to improve their preparedness and reaction to mitigate conflict risks and consequences.

In the first years of conflict in Eastern Ukraine,  cooperation between local authorities and NGOs on emergency management was relatively low, at both national and local levels. In late 2017 ACTED initiated a project to make improvements.

ACTED together with local administrations developed contingency plans which step by step should lead to better cooperation between the two sectors. These plans can be implemented following UN-developed Inter-Agency Rapid Assessment (IARA), a tool which is used by local authorities and NGOs to assess humanitarian needs, share data with NGOs and coordinate aid delivery.

When I started to work here six months ago, I thought that there was an action plan for any situation and you know exactly how to act step by step. It turned out that no plans or activities had been developed at all. So, we are very thankful for what ACTED has done. Now we are working with local authorities, so they can implement it on their own.

Marina - Representative of Volnovakha raion administration

ACTED frequently holds table-top simulations with a view to improve coordination during emergency response, support situational data exchange (through IARA) and facilitate preparedness activities among representatives of local administrations, State Emergency Services and humanitarian actors (including national and international NGOs).

IARA already shows its effectiveness. Now there is no need to send a separate request for assistance to each organization. And people who coordinate the work of humanitarian organizations are no longer dependent on the authorities. This is much easier. We are also thinking about a lot of ideas for further cooperation in this sphere.

Anton - Representative of Luhansk regional administration

This project was implemented with support from the European Union/EU through its Civil Protection and Humanitarian Operations (ECHO) and from the American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).