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Ensuring access to water in conflict-affected areas in eastern Ukraine

Water is a human right and vital necessity, yet many people in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine face difficulty accessing safe drinking water.
The ongoing conflict, decaying infrastructure and lack of funding lead to dilapidated water supply networks and, as a result, people living in conflict-affected areas located in eastern Ukraine close to the contact line lacked access to drinking and household water.

That zone refers to the 428 kilometer border between government and non-government controlled areas. To improve this situation, ACTED together with a group of Ukrainian and international NGOs within its 3P Consortium has been implementing a project aimed at increasing water safety in eastern Ukraine.

3.1 million people in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine needed need Water, Sanitation and Hygiene support in 2021.

Rehabilitation of water infrastructures is vital in conflict-affected areas

Within the project, ACTED improves water safety by developing Water Safety Plans  for 5 targeted settlements with the overall population 21, 350 people  with the highest needs, located close to the Contact Line. These plans include information about the measures that can mitigate the risks identified, and the resources to put them in place.

watter access i conflict- affected
Equipment at the water pumping station.

“People in the Mironivsky village used to receive water on a schedule with interruptions in the water supply. This created big difficulties, especially for those who were at work at that time and could not fetch water. “ Pavlo, Head of the utility company.

After conducting the Water Risk Assessment in Mironivsky settlement, located close to the Contact Line in eastern Ukraine, problems with the water supply system were identified.

water access in aconflict-affected
ACTED’s expert visit to the water pumping station.

Taking them into account, ACTED contributed to the piping renovation by providing material support to the local water supply company.

water access conflict-affected
Visit of ACTED representatives to the water pumping station after the installation of new equipment

As a result, the pumping equipment was replaced, which allows people to receive water without interruption during the day at no additional cost and contributes to the maintenance of piping in good working condition.


water in conflict-affected areas
ACTED teams visit the water pumping station after the installation of new equipment.

By replacing energy-intensive equipment with a more efficient one, it was possible to significantly increase the duration of continuous water supply, which fully covers the water consumption in the settlement now.

Ruslan ACTED WASH Project Manager

This project allowed population and public institutions to receive drinking water,  contributed to maintaining hygiene and sanitation, which are especially important during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thanks to the material aid from ACTED  with financial support from the American People through the United States Agency for International Development, 7500 people living in Mironivsky settlement now have access to uninterrupted water supply at least 19 hours per day.