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A global NGO – ACTED missions work together and learn from each other to improve water security in Europe and the Middle East

Sustainable Development Goal 6 is clear: water for all. But despite that the fact that water is a human right, access to this life-saving recourse has been under threat and – in some cases – actually denied for the residents of conflict-affected areas in Eastern Ukraine.

78% (436 020) people living within 20 km of the Contact Line in Government Controlled Areas faced water shortages in 2019.

To improve this situation, ACTED initiated a project aimed at increasing water safety through conducting Water Risks Assessments and developing Water Safety Plans in some of the most vulnerable settlements near the Contact Line – where the great majority of conflict-related incidents continue to take place in 2020. This project is implemented with support from the American People through the United States Agency for International Development (USAID).



To be able to act fast and effectively, ACTED Ukraine called on ACTED Lebanon for support. Indeed, ACTED Lebanon has been responding to critical needs to improve water supply and safety in the country since 2006 via capacity building of government authorities, rehabilitating infrastructure and extending water/wastewater services as well as increasing coordination between Water Establishments’ staff and local citizens.

Thus, over the last couple of weeks, ACTED Ukraine’s WASH team has been working with and learning from the experience of ACTED Lebanon Water, Sanitization and Hygiene Technical Coordinator Ciara Noone. Ciara is notably supporting the team with ensuring that the Water Risk Assessment methodology is in line with global standards and will further support the subsequent development of 5 Water Safety Plans to help those most in need of increased water safety.


With Ciara’s support, the ACTED Ukraine team developed a Water Safety Planning approach that will support increased water security at the local level in conflict-affected areas – in line with the objective of the USAID/OFDA-funded project.


More information on the daily work of these two missions is also available on their Facebook pages:


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