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S'attaquer aux besoins en eau, en assainissement et en hygiène des populations touchées par le conflit dans le gouvernorat de Ninewa

Through this 8 month project (July 2017-February 2018) (including 2 month NCE), ACTED will support 10,100 IDPs living in Al-Salamiyah camp, Ninewa, with a comprehensive WASH response. 1,750 households will receive water storage kits alongside basic hygiene kits; 50% of the households will also receive baby kits. In addition, to improve sanitation facilities, emergency desludging and regular latrine desluding will take place, and where needed, ad hoc maintenance of sanitation facilities will be performed. Solid waste management, garbage collection and disposal will also be provided both at the household and the community level. Finally, through a CfW scheme, IDPs living in the camp will be trained in hygiene promotion topics and techniques and will conduct 8 hygiene promotion sessions for the broader camp community. In order to increase community consultation and accountability and coordinate WASH activities in the camp, a WASH committee will be established.

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