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actualité | 16 Novembre 2015 | | Rehabilitation

Building flood resistant homes in Pakistan

The Kaklio Lashari village is located in North Sindh where ACTED works to support vulnerable communities that are regularly affected by floods. In Kaklio Lashari the recurring floods since 2010 have completely or partially destroyed and damaged houses in the community, as well crops and other sources of livelihood.

In this village, ACTED constructed new shelters that now not only withstand floods but also incorporate local construction techniques. The shelters were designed according to local customs, incorporating various disaster risk reduction measures which included the construction on raised plinths, extended roof eaves, strong anchoring of the structure in the ground for better resistance during heavy winds and the use of damp proof material to protect the walls from salinity and erosion. The main innovation, however was to use lime in the foundations, walls and roof plaster. This is providing a strong coat which will better resist in heavy rains. Lime has the capacity to keep water out while allowing the walls to release any water trapped inside. Lime can also be used as anti-termite treatment for bamboo.

As a telling example, the shelter in the photo was completed in April 2015. During the construction, the shelter was built on a raised platform. This was a great construction feature: after the construction was finalized, a nearby canal was breached due to heavy rains. This was followed by stagnant water which prevailed until the date at which this picture was taken, 01 October 2015. This shelter has become the flagship of sturdy construction in the village, as it has been resilient for the past four months. No signs of seepage into the wall or erosion were found on the walls of this shelter.