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INTERNATIONAL CALL FOR TENDER - oPT - "Emergency rehabilitation of agricultural assets in Southern Gaza"

Référence de l’appel d’offre : T/12DAV/I24AGR/Gaza/09-08-2017/001

Description de l’appel d’offre :

“Procurement of Agricultural Assets in Eastern Areas of Khanyounis, Rafah & Dier Elbalah – Gaza Strip 





ACTED OPT is inviting Agricultural companies to submit offers for the following description of the supplies:





Delivery point

Delivery deadline

Agricultural Productive Inputs Kits


Full Irrigation System  & Seeds and Fertilizers -See detailed BoQ

 Eastern Areas of Khanyounis, Rafah & Dier Elbalah

Within 20 working days after contract signature



The tender will be conducted using ACTED standard bidding documents, open to all qualified suppliers and service providers. The Bidding Documents (in English) may be collected free of charge by all interested bidders at the following address:


ACTED Office in Gaza city – Al Remal– Habboush St.-Hijje T. 4TH Floor. Starting from Wednesday 09/08/2017 at 9:00 AM till Tuesday 22/8/2017 at 1:00 PM.

Or can be downloaded from the ACTED website at under the section “Tender”.


Potential bidders are encouraged to consult the ACTED’s website regularly for potential modification to the present tender and/or the bidding documents.


A pre-tender information session will be organized on 14/08/2017 at 12:00 in ACTED OPT’s office in Gaza city Al Remal- Habboush St.-Hijji T. 4TH Floor.

Participation of interested bidders to the information session is preferable but not compulsory.


1.             Eligible company should be registered at the VAT and customs department, and has the ability to provide ACTED with Zero VAT bills.

2.             Eligible company should provide VAT registration number and financial clearance certificate.

3.             Eligible company needs to be able to issue tax bills.

4.             Eligible company should provide valid professions practicing license registration certificate from the Companies' Controller.

5.             The Offer needs to be valid for 90 days starting from the date of submission

6.           Delivery will be at 85 sites in parallel according to the mentioned quantities in BOQ, duration and conditions specified in the tender documents.

7.             ACTED has the right to cancel or postpone or extend the tender.

8.             ACTED has the right to increase or decrease the tender total amount in 25%.

9.             ACTED is not bound to accept the lowest price.

10.          Eligible companies for the tender needs to secure entry of a tender worth 4,000 US $ as bank a guarantee valid for 90 days starting from the closing date of the tender or a certified check bank, where personal checks or cash are not accepted.

11.          All prices should be in US $.

12.          Agricultural Kits Delivery duration is max 2working days after signing the contract.

13.          Eligible company should supply all kits during 20 working days after signing the contract

14.          Fees of tender advertising in newspapers will be charged to the winner bidder

Eligible company should submit a valid registration certificate along with its Official stamp when receiving the tender documents


All bids must be submitted before 22/08/2017 at 01:30 PM at the address mentioned above in a sealed envelope


OR by E-mail at, Cc Late Bids will be automatically rejected.


ACTED OPT will not be responsible for any costs or expenses incurred by the Bidders in connection with the preparation and submission of their bids to ACTED.


A tender opening session will take place on 22/08/2017 at 01:30 PM in ACTED office in Gaza city Al Remal- Habboush St.-Hijje T. 4TH Floor. The presence of bidders’ representative is allowed. For all inquiries regarding this tender, please contact the ACTED representative office Tel :08 2828518 no later than 22/08/2017 at 12:00 PM by E-mail at, Cc



Date de fin de validité : 22/08/2017

Nature de l’appel : Appel d'offres

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