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news | September 15, 2015 | Cambodia | Development

Workers Sabay, Tourists Sabay!

Workers Sabay encourages ethical tourism in Cambodia by supporting hospitality businesses that respect the Cambodian Labour Law and their employees.

What is Workers Sabay?

Cambodia’s tourism industry is booming year on year offering an increasing number of job opportunities for many young Cambodians. However, in reality, many working in the hospitality industry, such as in karaoke parlours, hotels or restaurants, are extremely vulnerable, and often find their basic labour rights are abused. Restaurant workers, for instance, often face harassment from customers, are refused time off work, and are pressured to have an abortion if they become pregnant.

Workers Sabay – “happy workers” in Khmer- is a certification awarded to hospitality businesses that offer fair working conditions to their employees in compliance with Cambodian Labour Law.

These businesses include a range of restaurants, bars, hotels and spas in Cambodia’s capital, Phnom Penh.

Read the Workers Sabay code of conduct

Visiting Cambodia?

Staying in Phnom Penh for a few days?

Make sure to choose a Workers Sabay certified business during your visit.

More and more businesses are joining our certification scheme every week!

By visiting these establishments, you will be supporting businesses which provide fair and healthy working conditions to their employees.

See the interactive map and select your Workers Sabay business

Interested in knowing more?

If you are a business owner in Phnom Penh and would like to learn more about how your business can sign up to the Workers Sabay scheme, click here to download our brochure.

Workers Sabay was set up by ACTED in Cambodia, in partnership with the Cambodian Food and Service Workers’ Federation (CFSWF), and the Cambodian Ministry of Tourism.

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