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news | June 06, 2017 | Lebanon | Development

Visit of vulnerable women to honey factory as part of ACTED’s advanced skills training program

The vulnerable women targeted through this project will have access to better employment opportunities through various skill-building workshops and sessions with a focus on culinary skills - ACTED Lebanon, 2017

As part of ACTED’s “Empowerment of vulnerable women in Jbeil and Msaitbeh through advanced trainings in practical skills” project, 15 women from Msaitbeh visited along with ACTED’s team a Honey Factory located in the valleys of Kafer in Jbeil, Lebanon.


During their visit, the women were introduced to the different types of Honey manufactured in the different regions of Lebanon as well as the various steps of producing Honey from beekeeping to harvesting or extracting honey, packaging, and preservation.


The women taking part in this initiative took this visit as an opportunity to learn more about the products they’re using and discover new techniques on how to incorporate the different types of honey present in Lebanon into their cooking.

The activities of this project funded by the Centre de Crise of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs mainly target vulnerable women in Jbeil and Msaitbeh. The project also aims to improve their resilience to the constantly evolving social and economic conditions Lebanon has been experience for several years.