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Urban Neighbourhoods Mobilized to respond to WASH, Shelter and protection needs

This one year project will target 15,000 vulnerable host-community and refugee beneficiaries located in the Beirut Mount Lebanon area. The overarching goal of the action will be to meet the life-saving needs of crisis-affected populations and improve resilience of vulnerable communities in Beirut and Mount Lebanon. The specific objectives are: 1: Vulnerable households have access to improved living conditions and 2: Increased access to services through Multi-Purpose Cash assistance. By extensively mobilizing communities and adopting a neighborhood-based approach to the delivery of life-saving Shelter, WASH, protection, and basic assistance, ACTED aims to adapt its response model to the shifting context. ACTED will therefore support vulnerable households in BML through beneficiary led shelter upgrades and multi-purpose cash transfers and will improve their access to protection services through a network of community focal points trained to respond to shelter, WASH and protection issues raised by community members.

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