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Training future solar panel technicians in Pakistan

In Pakistan, ACTED works with the support of the European Commission to foster technical vocational education and training.

One of the courses ACTED has introduced are classes for future solar panel technicians. The class teaches young Pakistanis how to install, maintain and repair solar panels. With Pakistan's transition towards renewable energies, this is a profession that ensures young people with a sustainable future source of income in a market that is expected to grow in the coming years.

ACTED will soon partner up with the private sector company Brighterlite Pakistan. Brighterlite Pakistan delivers power from small, high-quality solar home systems to low- and mid-income people in rural areas in Pakistan and around the globe. These affordable solutions provide lights, fans, mobile charging, radio and TV and can be paid on a monthly basis.

By partnering with Brighterlite, ACTED will be able to link its solar graduates with Brighterlite Pakistan who will in turn train these graduates on technical abilities to install Brighterlite’s home based solutions and provide them with sales and marketing skills, increasing the employability of the students.