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Towards more resistant constructions to earthquakes

On the 3rd and the 5th of May 2017, two earthquakes of 5.9 and 5.8 magnitude occurred in northern Tajikistan, not far from the Kyrgyz border. About 5.000 Kyrgyzstanis from the Chong Alay district have been affected by aftershocks which have destroyed houses, killed livestock, displaced entire families, and severely damaged educational and health facilities.

In its efforts to provide assistance to vulnerable households and increase their resilience to future shocks, ACTED has been distributing construction materials, has been providing trainings to masons and carpenters on earthquake-resistant construction methods, and has been raising awareness among the population on affordable para-seismic construction techniques.

In the upcoming months, ACTED will also be supervising the construction of houses and will be providing legal assistance for earthquake-affected households.