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Supporting displaced persons in northeast Syria through rapid response mechanisms and medium term shelter rehabilitations

Through this 6 months-project (June-November 2017) ACTED will support 12,480 IDPs living in Membij and Tell Abiad districts - located respectively in Aleppo and Al-Raqqa governorates – with new arrival NFI kits and medium-term rehabilitation work and site improvements. The NFI kits will be procured and stocked in several warehouses, and then distributed to 12,000 individuals, based on specific selection criteria which will be clearly communicated to the communities. In addition to this, 4 collective shelters (hosting 20 households each, for a total of 480 individuals) in need of structural-repair will be identified, and locally-contracted service providers will conduct maintenance work, including perimeter securitization, WASH or protection interventions. In order to facilitate residents’ contribution in the identification of the priorities for the rehabilitation, ACTED will elect a Rehabilitation Committee, who will act as a communication channel between the residents and ACTED.

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