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Support to strengthen resilience and prevention efforts for vulnerable populations in the North and South provinces of Ubangi through a multisectoral approach to food security, nutrition, access to basic services and support to livelihoods

The DRC welcomes more than 100,000 Central African refugees in its territory and the increase in population density limits the capacity of host and refugee populations to access basic services. This 18-month project, conducted in a consortium with AIDES and PUI, aims to strengthen the resilience capacities of the most vulnerable populations of North and South Ubangi. ACTED plans to intervene in the health zones of Libenge and Zongo, South Ubangi, improving access to basic services by 30,117 people. Two bridges, 8 wells and 11 latrines will be rehabilitated or built in villages and health centers and 2185 hygiene kits will be distributed.