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Support to OCHA, Somalia Initial Rapid Needs Assessment (SIRNA) and Joint Multi-Cluster needs assessment (JMCNA)

REACH will support a joint nationwide multi-cluster needs assessment (JMCNA) across Somalia. The JMCNA will ensure that baseline needs relevant to each cluster are assessed in a way that can be easily and frequently updated, encourage multi-cluster coordination through the joint planning and implementation of the assessment itself, and facilitate response planning at the operationally relevant district level. Additionally, REACH will continue to develop and support inter-cluster initiatives for rapid assessment in Somalia, specifically through support to the continued development of the Somalia Initial Rapid Needs Assessment. Since late 2014, SIRNA has been developed and deployed in response to sudden-onset crises, in order to inform first-level responses. In 2015 and 2016 the SIRNA tool has been successfully transitioned onto an OCHA-managed KOBO platform, and has been utilised successfully as an inter-agency methodology. However, much of the implementation has rested on REACH direct involvement in field management, data analysis and report drafting. REACH will continue supporting the process of developing the SIRNA, and if relevant other inter-agency assessment frameworks.

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