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news | May 29, 2017 | Uganda | Emergency

Strengthening food security thanks to the French Embassy in Karamoja

The region relies on traditional livelihood activities to meet household food needs - @Sumi Sadurni for ACTED Uganda, 2017

ACTED has received a 300 000 € grant from the French Embassy in Uganda to support its food security and Community Resilience project in Karamoja. The project provides vulnerable households with vital livelihood support. The fund will help in fighting food insecurity and building Resilience in Karamoja through cash for work and training activities

The Karamoja region, in the North-West of Uganda has been experiencing increased pressure due to unreliable and below-average rainfall over the past two years. The region, which depends on both agriculture and cattle-raising to meet household income needs, has been extremely stressed in recent years. Unpredictable rains, combined with low level household income, have resulted in many families undertaking negative coping strategies to survive, such as eating wild leaves and berries, and selling off household assets. According to the December data from ACTED’s drought early warning systems, the region is expected to experience severe food shortage in the coming months, as households’ food stocks are depleted and income level are insufficient to meet their food needs. ACTED, with the support and funding from the French Embassy in Uganda, will implement the improved food security and community resilience project in South Karamoja, aimed at providing vulnerable households with cash transfers to meet their immediate food needs, while building long term resilience through targeted training and input support. The proposed intervention will be achieved through a combination of cash for work, unconditional cash transfers, inputs provision like seeds and tools and targeted training on good agricultural production, food security planning and financial management.