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Strengthening the food and economic security of vulnerable households in Koro through an integrated approach based on the "Caisses de Résilience"s

The overall objective of this 12-month project is to contribute to the sustainable improvement of the food and nutritional security of the vulnerable populations of the Koro Circle in the Mopti region by proposing a multisectoral response addressing the immediate and underlying causes of malnutrition.

The specific objective is to strengthen the resilience of 1700 vulnerable households (including at least 50% women) in food and economic insecurity through the implementation of an integrated approach based on resilience funds in The Koro circle of the Mopti region.

The "Caisses de Résiliences" approach aims to increase the diversification of livelihoods and the accumulation of productive assets of vulnerable households, particularly women, with the aim of strengthening resilience to multiple risks and recurrent crises. This approach helps vulnerable households move out of the vicious circle of poverty into a virtuous circle of savings, investment and resilience. The approach is based on simultaneously supporting the productive, financial and social capacities of vulnerable households and their community institutions (women's groups, farmers' organizations, etc.).

Indeed, the response must be thought in a holistic and integrated way in order to recreate a general dynamic, thus reviving the economy and having a direct and lasting impact on the populations. One of the main pillars to address this issue is food security. This innovative action will ensure continuity between emergency and development actions in the targeted areas according to the Resilience Fund principle.

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