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Providing Lebanese and Jordanian communities hosting Syrian refugees with improved WASH infrastructure and facilities at community, institution, and household level

The action will target both Syrian refugees living in the targeted communities and the communities hosting them, namely: Mafraq, Irbid, Jerash, Ajloun, Zarqa, Balqa, and Madaba/Jordan Valley in Jordan, and Bekaa, Sour, Akkar, North, Beirut and Mount Lebanon Governorates in Lebanon. This intervention aims to relieve some of these pressures and to build the resilience of refugees and host communities through increased access to effective water and sanitation services, more specifically by repairing and rehabilitating water and sanitation infrastructure in 11 communities in Jordan and 25 communities in Lebanon, improving WASH facilities in 30 public institutions in Jordan and 23 institutions in Lebanon, and household-level WASH rehabilitation to 1,200 households in Jordan. These activities will achieve the overall objective of improving stability and resilience of Lebanese and Jordanian communities hosting Syrian refugees through improved access to water, sanitation and hygienic health outcomes, and the specific the objective of helping women, girls, boys and men from Syria and Jordan to be better able to meet their own WASH needs and respond to future shocks and stresses.