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Providing access to improved WASH and Shelter conditions for vulnerable refugee populations, South Sudan Republic

Since the arrival of Sudanese refugees in Maban, ACTED continued to provide life-saving activities in the three camps such as Doro, Gendrassa and Kaya including support to water supply systems which are still largely dependent on ongoing inputs from ACTED especially fuel and generator. This 12months project will directly target 96,000 beneficiaries by ensuring target populations have adequate WASH services and hygiene practices by solarization of 12 boreholes, 9 generators and 17 hand pumps in Doro and to be maintained and repaired on daily basis, in Gendrassa camp; 7 solarized boreholes, 7 generator and 26 tap stands needs to be repaired and maintained while in Kaya camp; 5 solarized and generator boreholes including 68 tap stands require maintenance and repair. This aims to provide water supply & hygiene services to vulnerable populations and to improve access to and use of sustainable sources of safe water and hygiene practices in the refugees camps