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Promoting Social Development and Enhancing Service Delivery in Social Development Centres Across Lebanon


In the protracted crisis in Lebanon and ensuing mass displacement of vulnerable populations, Social Development Centres have become a critical entry point for marginalized communities to access services. Mandated to promote local social development and provide health, livelihoods and protection services, the centres however struggle to cope with the increasing pressure due to the rise in such vulnerable populations. They are now facing gaps in their capacity to deliver services.


In response, on 22nd February 2018, ACTED hosted a participatory workshop for the directors of 22 Social Development Centres from different districts of Lebanon to launch their previously defined Internal Action Plans and discuss a way forward for their realization.

In this workshop, ACTED, partners and directors discussed future steps in protection and livelihoods programming, and how to enhance the centres’ capacity to provide high-quality livelihood trainings and protection services within their communities. Since July 2016, with funding from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands and the European Regional Development and Protection Programme, and with support from Alliance2015 partners and the Ministry of Social Affairs in Lebanon, ACTED has applied an integrated approach to its support to Social Development Centres across Lebanon. This was done by implementing projects combining sustainable livelihoods and protection, aiming to enable inclusive income generation for vulnerable populations in the country.