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news | June 30, 2016 | Thailand | Rehabilitation

Poe: from internship trainee to business owner

Poe is 22 years old. He grew up in a state orphanage in Kayah state, Myanmar, because of a difficult family situation. When he turned 15, aware of the fact that he could not receive a good education where he was, he decided to start working and moved to the camp in Thailand to look for laboring work. Encouraged by other camp-residents to start his studies again, he went back to school and even graduated from community college.

He soon realized, however, that he was passionate about computers and enrolled in the ACTED computer course. After the course, he got an internship with the Local Development Network, which was such a success he decided he “wanted to live in Loikaw and asked ACTED to help him find a job”. He got a job at a local shop where he did software installation and repairs. Working in this shop was a challenge for him, but he saluted ACTED and the support he received even after the training and internship. He worked in this shop for 6 months following the end of his internship.

Dedicated and hardworking, he decided to start his own business with his brother-in-law – originally as a way to ensure income for the family and job opportunities for his nephew who, like him, had limited access to education as he could not attend high school. As a trusted member of the local community, Poe enjoys a small but loyal clientele, allowing him to steadily improve his living status.

About the training, Poe is very enthusiastic and expresses high satisfaction. He is particularly adamant about the importance of the internship program:

“People in the camp are cut off from normal society and isolated; they need lots and lots of information and the chance to experience what the real world is. If not for my internship experience, I would have never had the opportunity to be where I am today.”