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World Food Day to celebrate food assistance for Syrian refugees in Azraq Camp, Jordan

Today, October 16, ACTED joins the international community to celebrate World Food Day, one of the most celebrated days in the United Nations calendar...

Boosting skills, celebrating women empowerment

Women in Lebanon face daunting challenges to both entering the labour force and facing protection concerns in their day-to-day life. With competition...

Transforming Communities through investment in Disaster Risk Reduction

South Sudan is the world’s newest country that continues to face unprecedented levels of food insecurity, with the June IPC report approximating sligh...

“What is in your Food?” – Reducing pesticides residues, improving nutrition

82% of the Cambodian population relies on the agricultural sector for their livelihood. According to a recent study, the levels of pesticides in Cambo...

Escalating humanitarian needs after massive Rohingya refugees influx into Bangladesh

Since violence broke out in the North of Rakhine State, Myanmar, on past 25th August, over 500,000 people have crossed the border into Bangladesh, as...


The Inequalities of Hunger: Global Hunger Index Spotlights Uneven Progress in Reducing Hunger

Global hunger levels have fallen more than a quarter since 2000, but more recent rising hunger scores of several countries in the 2017 Global Hunger Index underline how uneven [...]

Jordan | Emergency

Two new interesting challenges for ACTED in Azraq camp, Jordan

In September 2017, ACTED Jordan, with funding from UNOCHA, UNICEF and GIZ, began two new projects in Azraq refugee camp: the first, the construction of plot-level grey water [...]

Jordan | Emergency

World Food Day to celebrate food assistance for Syrian refugees in Azraq Camp, Jordan

Today, October 16, ACTED joins the international community to celebrate World Food Day, one of the most celebrated days in the United Nations calendar, which focuses for this 2017 [...]


2017/10/13 - Uganda

ACTED field teams collect data from 1,500 refugees and host community members, to produce vulnerability assessment within the West Nile regionACTED, in partnership with UNDP, is currently undertaking a widescale vulnerability assessment of South Sudanese [...]

2017/10/10 - Kyrgyzstan

On the 3rd and the 5th of May 2017, two earthquakes of 5.9 and 5.8 magnitude occurred in northern Tajikistan, not far from the Kyrgyz border. About 5.000 Kyrgyzstanis from the Chong Alay district have been affected by aftershocks which have destroyed houses, [...]

2017/10/09 - Philippines

Distrubition of Shelter Repair kits and Hygiene kitsFrom the 2nd to the 6th October 2017, ACTED, via his “Rapid Response Mechanism” approach supported by the “Centre de Crise” conducted several distribution of relief goods to the population affected by the [...]

2017/10/09 - Philippines

On 6 October 2017, ACTED, with the support of the municipality of Guiuan, inaugurated the 126 new houses built in Barangay Cogon, Guiuan, Eastern Samar.This inauguration is the achievement of a two-years project signed in February 2017 in presence of the [...]

2017/09/28 - India

Team Metamorphosis, a civil society organisation with whom ACTED and its partner NEICORD are working in Northeast India to implement an EU-funded project, has been awarded the Governor’s Gold Medal in recognition of the services rendered for uplifting the [...]

2017/09/20 - Sri Lanka

ACTED and its partners People in Need and Helvetas, all part of the Alliance2015 consortium in Sri Lanka, have successfully completed a cash distribution project on the 13th of September, as planned. This three-month project was aimed at supporting the early [...]

2017/09/20 - Niger

On 10th September, Mark Lowcock, the United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Humanitarian Affairs and Emergency Relief Coordinator and the Head of OCHA , have been on the N'Gagam (Diffa, Niger) displaced persons site. The N'Gagam site is housing 15,000 [...]

2017/09/18 -

Jessica joined the ACTED Cambodia team as part of the EU Aid Volunteers initiative, working in the field of communication. She tells about her first field visit after arriving in the country.Last week, the new EUAV for Cambodia, Alice and Jessica, visited [...]

2017/09/15 - Philippines

Over 4,000 families have been affected and 1,104 families displaced in three municipalities in Maguindanao due to continued conflict and flooding. Military operations have caused widespread fear throughout the municipalities, leading farmers to leave their [...]

2017/09/07 - Tajikistan

ACTED and its partners have launched in August 2017 in Khujand a new phase of integrated watershed management for Disaster Risk Reduction (DDR), the so called DIPECHO X project, funded by EU Humanitarian Aid. The flagship project directly builds on the [...]