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Kenya | Rehabilitation

Drinking water finally flows out in Ntepes

Ntepes is a populous village in the outskirts of Wamba, Samburu County. As a dry area that receives little rainfall, there is no guarantee for families nor farmers that they can [...]

Sri Lanka | Rehabilitation

Improving access to justice for vulnerable population in Northern Sri Lanka

Mobile clinics through the eyes of Nishan, Sarithna, Jeya and Husejin*, resource persons for ACTED’s clinics In areas heavily affected by the former conflict that afflicted [...]

Libya | Rehabilitation

Benghazi: Parks and Reconstruction

Supporting Benghazi’s IDPs and returnees through quick impact projects Post-conflict Benghazi. Half-collapsed buildings and other conflict remnants appear wherever one sets [...]

Somalia | Emergency

CCCM capacity building training

In January, the Camp Coordination and Camp Management Cluster (CCCM), in collaboration with ACTED, implemented a core CCCM training for IDP focal points in Puntland, Somalia. 2.1 [...]


Funding crisis pushes millions of Congolese people to tipping point

13 April 2018 - Millions of people caught up in a...


2018/04/05 - South Sudan

Radio Salam-99.1 FM is a public radio that provides educative messages toward encouraging positive behavioral change, as well as providing entertainment and for general messages on services available for the host and refugee communities in Maban. The Radio [...]

2018/03/27 - Jordan

On March 22nd, ACTED celebrated the importance of water and its conservation on the occasion of World Water Day with activities in Mafraqgovernorate, and Za’atari and King Abdullah Park refugee camps, with the support of UNICEF. World Water Day holds special [...]

2018/03/19 - Lebanon

 In the protracted crisis in Lebanon and ensuing mass displacement of vulnerable populations, Social Development Centres have become a critical entry point for marginalized communities to access services. Mandated to promote local social development and [...]

2018/03/08 -

 Despite enduring the harsh and otherwise barren dry season in Maban, South Sudan, women living in the Gendrassa and Kaya refugee camps are seeing their vegetable gardens flourish. The innovative perma-garden system is being piloted by ACTED through the [...]

2018/02/28 - Jordan

After the completion of the grey water network in Village 3 of Azraq camp, ACTED handed over the infrastructure to the community-elected WASH committees.On the 28th of February, ACTED celebrated the completion of the grey water network in Village 3 of Azraq [...]

2018/01/26 - Philippines

In the framework of its faecal sludge management project in Eastern Samar, and to ensure its success and acceptance among the populations of the targeted areas, ACTED conducted a sanitation campaign to raise awareness on a range of hygiene and sanitation [...]

2018/01/08 - Philippines

On Friday 22nd December 2017, tropical storm Vinta (Tembin) made landfall over Mindanao region in Southern Philippines.Heavy rainfalls and winds over 90 kph (with gusts of 155 kph) caused flash flooding, landslides and severe damages to agriculture, [...]

2018/01/08 - Philippines

 ACTED relief assistance in Eastern SamarOn December 16th, tropical storm Urduja hit the Eastern Samar province causing damages, major floods and some 50 casualties.ACTED deployed an emergency team to conduct several assessments and identify humanitarian [...]

2017/12/28 -

With funding from UNOCHA, ACTED is supporting five municipalities in Mount Lebanon and North Lebanon to improve waste management practices, notably by renovating infrastructures and sensitizing their population to practices such as sorting waste.ACTED seeks [...]

2017/12/27 -

Communities in Pakistan are often struck by natural disasters which have detrimental impact on shelter, livelihoods, water and sanitation. In response, DFID is funding ACTED and other international NGOs through the ‘Building a Disaster Resilient Pakistan’ [...]