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Mali | Emergency

Market gardening contributes to tackle food and nutrition insecurity in the North of Mali

Promoting market gardening, or how an agricultural cooperative with 81 members managed to produce over 170,000 kilos of vegetablesACTED has been working for two years with support [...]


From climate crises to climate resilience: Supporting vulnerable populations affected by climate change effects

Climate change is significantly impacting a large number of countries. Those who suffer the most tend to be people already in vulnerable situations. Recurring natural disasters, [...]

oPT | Emergency

Bringing back water to farmers in Gaza

Like in many places in the world, farming is a way of life in the southern Gaza Strip. However, the 2014 conflict has had a significant impact on agriculture in the area, severely [...]

| Développement

Families in Northeast India are getting a hand to access public services

Hidden in the mountains and only accessible through the Siliguri Corridor is Satabaini Chandamari, one of the numerous remote villages of North-Eastern India. This region is the [...]


2017/04/11 - Libya

Whilst giving recipients agency and freedom to self-prioritise their needs, ACTED evidence supports global findings that there can be a range of positive outcomes from giving cash.As the conflict in Libya approaches the end of its third year, many families [...]

2017/04/06 - France

Juliette joined ACTED in December 2016 as a European Union Aid Volunteer, working with the finance and logistics departments in the organisation's headquarters in Paris, before joining the ACTED Lebanon team in Beirut. She tells about her experience as a [...]

2017/04/03 - Myanmar

 In late March, ACTED community mobilisers made the final cash for work payments to workers at the end of a four month project supported by the World Food Programme in troubled Rakhine state in western Myanmar. The project aimed to improve food security [...]

2017/03/31 - Philippines

On March 22nd, our teams joined the entire humanitarian community to celebrate World Water Day. As this year’s theme focuses on waste water, ACTED organized an orientation to vulnerable people of Guiuan, Eastern Samar, on wastewater issues, and the related [...]

2017/03/21 - Iraq

Since July 2016, ACTED has been providing child protection services to vulnerable displaced people and host community members in Ninewa governorate through the support of the Iraq Humanitarian Pooled Fund (IHPF).This project was initially designed to provide [...]

2017/03/17 - Lebanon

Jessica, ACTED EU Aid Volunteer in Lebanon since December 2016, contributes to agriculture and food security projects. In March 2017, she went on a field visit in Akkar district, in the north of Lebanon, to discuss the implementation of a food security [...]

2017/03/15 - Cambodia

ACTED facilitates Workers Sabay Final Workshop to discuss project achievements and challenges3 years into the EU- funded Workers Sabay pilot certification scheme, ACTED and local partner Cambodia Food and Service Workers’ Federation (CFSWF) brought together [...]

2017/03/14 - Philippines

After being trained, and having developed their very own business plans, 38 families from Guiuan have received the first instalment of a grant that will allow them to launch their business.While those families were living by the sea and relied on fishing as [...]

2017/03/07 - Cambodia

 With a high rates of school drop-out, youth from Prey Veng Province lack the practical skills they need to secure viable employment and livelihoods. As a result, youth are highly vulnerable to urban migration for work purposes, which can sometimes lead [...]

2017/02/23 - DRC

Pweto, a small village located in the North-East part of the Katanga region, has been affected by destructions caused by bad weather conditions. Many homes were destroyed, leaving populations in need of emergency assistance. Populations of Pweto spent several [...]