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'Issues are more complex than just providing water to an area': The testimony of an ACTED staff in Kenya

Anthony, Officer in Charge at ACTED Kenya, has been working in the humanitarian field for the last five years. Here’s what he has to say about his experience a humanitarian aid worker:

“Working in the field and with communities, you realize the issues are a bit more complex than let’s say just providing water to an area. It can be focusing on a more strategic borehole, and building community capacity to manage the resource. These unique community needs sometimes are not obvious or are not holistically captured in national or county development plans, hence a need for the adoption of a community-centered development approach. My favorite thing about working with ACTED is seeing firsthand the impact of our work on the communities we serve and the positive feedback they provide while working together. I am thinking of the time I was in Samburu North in Lesirikan, where ACTED had previously implemented a water project, and was impressed at how the community was still successfully managing the project and is still benefiting from the water infrastructure put up. Another satisfying moment happened most recently during the launch of a new programme aiming to end drought emergencies in Kenya, and led by the National Drought Management Authority in Kenya. One of the members of a Resource Sharing Committee that signed a Resource Sharing Agreement (RSA) between two warring communities proudly narrated to guests how the RSAs have helped the communities coexist peacefully for over three years. She also described how the RSAs allowed them to share resources, such as grazing areas, water points, schools and health facilities which were initially the main course of fatal conflict. This marked a massive change from years of intercommunal conflicts between these communities.”