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Improving food availability and access in Akobo County, Jonglei State

Akobo East county is in Jonglei State, and is currently in level 2 of the IPC index, with the food security situation expected to become worse during the main rainy season which results to heavy flooding, leading to loss of harvests and livelihood assets. This one year project aims to improve food availability and accessibility for vulnerable populations through use of better agricultural practices, with response to protracted crisis and with the aim to enhance resilience of the local population. Activities including; establishment of 1 Demo-plot, distribution of provision to APFS including drip irrigation kits, treadle pumps and seeds, seed vouchers activity, ox-plough services to APFS, post-harvest training, construction of pilot household granaries, installing of 15 drying slabs through Cash for Work, construction of market stall for seed multiplication beneficiaries, construction of 4 water catchments, Distribution of poultry to APFS members, facilitation of VSLA listening classes, capacity building to beneficiaries. This project incorporates a crisis modifier to enable quick emergency response to unforeseen crises.

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