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news | August 22, 2016 | Nepal | Emergency

"I wanted to help in any way I could': Testimonies from ACTED staff in Nepal

On the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, celebrated on August 19 every year, ACTED shares with you testimonies of field staff from around the world to honor the work of all the women and men who mobilize to support the most vulnerable populations in crisis-affected areas. Read the testimonies of Pranita and Yogesh who work at ACTED Nepal.


Pranita, Project Development Officer, works with ACTED Nepal. She shares her experience as a humanitarian with you:

“After I completed my masters, I decided to find a job in the humanitarian field since I knew it would give me immense satisfaction. Aid workers are both directly and indirectly involved in supporting people who are in need and helping uplift local communities. Despite the fact that I am a beginner in the humanitarian sector, it is very rewarding to me that I could effectively manage and contribute to the overall implementation of projects in areas that were most affected by the earthquake of 2015. However, it is sometimes challenging to understand the social context and adapt to the different socio-political and geographical scenarios, as they vary from one area to the next. In addition, as humanitarian workers, we need to travel everywhere and deal with the consequences of crises, whose roots lie in underdevelopment and rising levels of poverty and inequality. The combination of these factors results in increased risks and pressure for humanitarian workers in Nepal.”

Here is what Yogesh, Technical Officer, has to say about his experience as a humanitarian:

“People in Nepal have been living in a very difficult situation since the earthquakes of 2015. I wanted to help them in any way I could. Before joining ACTED, I worked in the building design and construction sector since I specialized in civil engineering. ACTED has given me an opportunity to take part in its mission to support earthquake-affected populations in need. I was given the opportunity to train local masons on the construction of earthquake-resistant structures. I had the chance to transfer my skills and techniques to those rural masons who are directly involved in the reconstruction of safer houses. I think this was my most rewarding moment with ACTED, and I feel very happy about it. In the context of Nepal, some of the main challenges I have faced as a humanitarian worker are the geographical remoteness of some areas, the lack of proper transportation roads, and difficulties related to the monsoon season.”