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news | November 11, 2013 | Philippines | Emergency

Haiyan crisis: ACTED's response and call for mobilisation

Affected coastal area of Tacloban City 9 November 2013 (OCHA)

Typhoon Haiyan struck heavily the Philippines on Friday 8th: some 10,000 people could have been killed according to the first accounts on the ground, where affected populations are awaiting humanitarian aid. Access to the centre of the island impacted by the winds and the flooding is still difficult whereas needs for potable water, food, shelters and medical care are dire. Humanitarian aid is starting to arrive on location.

Affected coastal area of Tacloban City 9 November 2013 (OCHA)ACTED teams, present in the Philippines since December 2012 and the previous response to Typhoon Bopha, are responding to the crisis: a REACH team, dedicated to coordination assessments and information in crisis contexts, is already deployed in the Philippines, working with relief operators in country. The first representatives of ACTED emergency task force, on their way from Europe and ACTED’s neighbouring operational countries, including our Bangkok office, have arrived in Tacloban to identify priority needs.

Considering the needs, ACTED has deployed teams on location to ensure affected populations' access to drinking water, to food as well as to a shelter in the immediate emergency, while preparing for the following phases with recovery activities and supporting livelihoods in affected areas.

ACTED is launching an appeal for donations to respond to the Haiyan emergency and support the victims today.

Support our emergency relief operations with a donation

Each donation made to ACTED is tax-deductible, under the French legislation for French tax-payers, up to 66% of its value to a maximum of 20% of one's annual income. After your donation is recorded, a written acknowledgement will be sent by post. This receipt is necessary to benefit of the tax deduction. For example, if you make a donation of 100 €, you will only pay 34 €.


Thanks for your support and your mobilisation alongside our teams in the Philippines.

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