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Food Right Now


To inform, raise awareness and mobilize young people about the Millenium Development Goals (MDGs) and the hunger issue. 

Food Right Now is a European campaign aimed at educating young people, particularly students, as well as teachers about development issues. The campaign has been launched in several countries by the Alliance 2015's partners; WHH in Germany, Cesvi in Italy, Concern in Ireland, PIN in Czech Republic and ACTED in France.

Mobilizing youth on poverty and hunger eradication in the world and development issues.

The aim is to raise awareness and mobilize young people on the MDGs. In addition of raising awareness about hunger and food right issues, the campaign also aims to empower young European and French citizens and enable them to develop initiatives against hunger. They can engage as ambassadors among their social community, bring about positive change and deliver solutions.  

 What about world hunger? Find out more with the Global Hunger Index 2012



Food Right Now: A youth-led campaign 

  • Workshops aimed at raising awareness and mobilizing high schoolds pupils in the pilot schools in Paris and France
  • Mobilizing events co-organized with students and high schools pupils
  • A short film Festival for students and high school pupils in partnership with Le Temps Presse
  • Tools development and information support
  • Media and multimedia communication campaign, engaging youth mobilization through social media
  • Magazines and newspapers publication, relevant articles for young people, dedicated website

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An Alliance 2015 project funded by the European Commission (EuropeAid).


This webpage is available thanks to financial support from the European Commission, as part of the “Raising awareness about development issues and promoting education to development within the European Union” project.  ACTED and its partners are legally responsible for the webpage content. The content does not reflect the position or opinion of the European Union.