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First apiary centre established in Mingkaman

With the support of KfW, ACTED created and supported bee keeping through a local displaced and host community member cooperative.

ACTED South Sudan team in Mingkaman supported the construction of a first of its kind apiary centre in the settlement of Ahou, in Awerial County of South Sudan. Under the project, 100 bee hives, a stock room, and technical bee keeping items were provided such as bee suits, bee gloves, boots, smokers, hive tool set (brushes, etc…), excrators, honey press, and plastic storage containers. The centre will be managed by “Lom Nyic”, a local cooperative named in native Dinka language and translated as “Take Wisdom”. This cooperative is made up of 25 members from both displaced and host communities. Cooperative members were extensively trained by ACTED’s Food Security and Livelihoods team in bee keeping techniquess, including site identification, hive placing, hive inspection, floral calendar and bee keeping, bee management, pests and production of bio-pesticides, hive products and processing, harvesting, and processing of honey. In addition, members received basic business management training including book keeping and general organisation. With such skills, members are expected to tap into the local market to sell bee products while optimising production, and consequently improving their livelihoods.

Thanks to the support of KfW, ACTED South Sudan has been strengthening the resilience of local communities by promoting traditional income generating activities such as bee keeping, while promoting the social coexistence between host communities and displaced communities.