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Fight against food insecurity in the “Dry Area” through the increase of agricultural and gardening production

The region known as “Dry Area” is one of the poorest region of the country due to a lack of infrastructure, access to agricultural inputs and harsh climatic conditions. This 8-month project has for principal objective to increase the food production in the “Dry Area”. After a comprehensive assessment of the needs in the targeted areas and the identification of villages, ACTED will distribute garden seeds to 1,500 families as well as food producing seeds (rice, sesame, sunflower, beans) to 1,010 peasants. 10 “peasant school-field” will be set up in order to train the beneficiary peasants to modern techniques of plantation, to the fabrication of compost and to better seed storage conditions. Family beneficiaries of garden sees will also benefit from a similar training which will also familiarize them to basic nutritional principles. Around 2,510 persons will benefit directly from this project.