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news | December 16, 2016 | Syria | Emergency

Emergency response in Syria: ACTED teams mobilised to help the populations fleeing eastern Aleppo

ACTED’s partner loading the winter kits onto a truck after working through the night to prepare for evacuees fleeing from eastern Aleppo to western Aleppo, December 15th, 2016.

In just a few days, more than 30,000 civilians were able to flee the besieged area in eastern Aleppo to seek refuge in the western regions of the city.

After facing years of conflict and deprivation, the populations found themselves in destitution once again, having to confront difficult winter condition, especially with the arrival of snow and dropping temperatures.

For 10 days now, ACTED teams have been working on the ground to provide emergency aid to families that fled Aleppo. ACTED distributed up to 2,200 winterisation kits, 2,300 blankets, 2,300 sleeping bags, as well as stoves to face the cold. At least 5,000 other kits will be ready to be distributed to families, thanks to our partners on the ground. Since the beginning of this weekend, ready-to-eat rations have been distributed. The rations cover the needs of 3,000 families for three up to three weeks.

Families, majority of which are women and children, whether those who found refuge in buildings that under construction or those who are sleeping out in the open, are completely reliant on the aid that is provided by NGOs present on the ground. Certain families decide to continue their journey and head toward the camps in Idlib, which is close to the Turkish border; while others prefer to join their relatives in the district of Aleppo.

ACTED remains mobilised to provide displaced population with emergency aid and assist them as they settle.

ACTED has been working in Syria since December 2012, providing humanitarian aid to vulnerable civilian populations who found refuge inside and outside internally displaced camps, especially in Northeast of the country. In 2016, ACTED reached over 200,000 people, providing food and non-food items, as well as basic water and sanitation services. ACTED has also been involved in a wide range of interventions, including the longer-term rehabilitation of public infrastructure coupled with livelihoods support amongst Syrian communities.