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Emergency Livelihoods and WASH Assistance for Vulnerable Households in Jonglei state, South Sudan

Both Pibor and Akobo East counties have been in IPC Phase 3 (crisis) since 2016, and are anticipated to remain so through July 2017. Unpredictable, and poor rains and hyperinflation have affected food security adding to intense fighting in neighboring counties resulting to displacement into Akobo county. This 6months project will target 11,675 beneficiaries in the two counties. Activities include; formation of Community Management Committees, Community consultation and sensitization & beneficiary identification, Unconditional Cash Transfers to 7,925 and 3,750 beneficiaries valued at 35 USD and 16 USD in Pibor and Akobo respectively for 3 months. Furthermore ACTED will distribute WASH Kits to 750 beneficiaries in Akobo including hygiene and sanitation items such as Oxfam buckets and taps, collapsible jerry cans, water filtration cloths, mosquito net and washable sanitary cloth. hygiene promotion activities by emphasizing on hand washing practices e.g. safe water storage and treatment, and food preparation reachable to 80% beneficiaries and Monitoring and Evaluation. This is to support vulnerable households in meeting their essential household food security and WASH needs in Akobo East and Pibor counties.

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