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Emergency distributions in northern Afghanistan for families affected by flooding

ACTED is supporting over 500 families affected this week by flooding in northern Afghanistan by providing basic hygiene supplies and facilitating access to clean water.

In northern Afghanistan’s Baghlan and Balkh provinces, flash floods in the past week have contaminated local water wells, threatening the health of hundreds of families. In response, ACTED distributed basic hygiene supplies to over 240 families in Baghlan. Distributions were conducted jointly with WFP and IOM, who provided food rations and other items, such as blankets. These supplies will sustain the families for a month, until they are able to recover. In nearby Balkh province, assessments are ongoing. Once completed, ACTED will facilitate access to clean water for around 300 of the most vulnerable families. These distributions are supported by funding from OFDA, which has enabled ACTED to keep emergency supplies on hand to provide fast relief.