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Education to disaster risk reduction: Students in Sindh get mobilized for safer communities!

Communities in Pakistan are often struck by natural disasters which have detrimental impact on shelter, livelihoods, water and sanitation. In response, DFID is funding ACTED and other international NGOs through the ‘Building a Disaster Resilient Pakistan’ programme, which core purpose is to build communities’ capacity to reduce the risk posed by natural disasters – in other words, making the disaster-prone communities more resilient. ACTED currently works under this programme in Sindh.

Among the wide range of implemented activities to support communities to understand and effectively respond to natural disasters, ACTED worked with communities and schools in Kashmore (Sindh) to raise awareness on disaster risk reduction, and to get people talking and thinking about what they can do to reduce the impacts of disasters in their community.

In particular, the activity engaged key community change-makers – children – working with teachers to build awareness on how to reduce the impact of disasters. ACTED led this event in partnership with the Education Department and children from the involved schools, encouraging teachers to bring these concepts into the classrooms. Some 1,000 students participated in the activity, contributing to highlight and spread key messages through engaging dramas, dance performances or inspiring speeches.