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Economic development

Supporting Local Economic Initiatives: A Commitment to Development

After a crisis, conflict or natural disaster, reconstruction efforts take place during a key period for the future development of the affected region.

The actions undertaken starting from this phase should aim to contribute to the rapid improvement of the population’s living conditions while at the same time laying the foundations for a sustainable economic development.

ACTED contributes to these reconstruction efforts while also supporting local initiatives that are likely to lead to durable activities with long-term economic prospects.

The rehabilitation of collective infrastructures

A region’s economic revival is only possible when certain basic infrastructures are present and operate correctly. For this reason, ACTED implements rehabilitation programs that closely associate the affected communities thanks to the instauration of ‘community maintenance committees’.

For example, ACTED rehabilitates roads in order to open-up isolated regions and support commercial and economic exchanges.

The communities in question contribute to the construction work by bringing the necessary gravel and also helping with the compacting, for example. They also participate in the road maintenance and reparations for which the maintenance committees are provided with the necessary tools.

In rural areas, the focus is on the rehabilitation of irrigation systems which can consist in small-scale works (drainage, etc.) or more large-scale projects.

Community participation is at the heart of our collective infrastructure rehabilitation programs.

Habitat Reconstruction

ACTED participates in the reconstruction of individual shelters in collaboration with the beneficiary recipients of the distributions of “kits”. These kits generally include roof beams in wood or metal, roofing material, the necessary tools for constructing a foundation and plaster, window frames, and, depending on local traditions, glass panes for the windows. The distribution of kits is accompanied by recommendations and guidance for best usage.

These shelters always take into account traditional architecture and materials used in the area. In potential earthquake areas, ACTED incorporates more modern shock-resistant technical elements into its programs.

The return to normal living conditions is inconceivable when the affected populations do not have access to a roof.

Support for economic initiatives

Consciously aiming to encourage the victims of a crisis to quickly regain full autonomy, our organization carries out activities in support of small businesses, in both rural and urban areas. The objective is to contribute to a region’s economic revival by responding to the difficulties in terms of financing as well as the lack of knowledge of commercial mechanisms.

Support for small commercial projects

Encouraging the emergence of small businesses begins with training sessions that are made available to the beneficiaries in order to develop their managerial and technical skills. At the same time, access to credit is set-up to support the investment in the equipment necessary for the launching of a new business activity.

Commercial development services

In addition to the support provided to the launching of small commercial projects, ACTED carries out training sessions on commercial practices in order to encourage the identification of new markets and the definition of selling strategies and adapted pricing.

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