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news | October 21, 2014 | Tajikistan | Development

Community based tourism in Tajikistan

On September 29th, the new Tajik Community Based Tourism Association was officially presented to more than 100 representatives of local institutions, international organizations, tourism associations and tour operators in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. ACTED, with the support of the EU aims to develop and strengthen community-based tourism associations’ capacity to assist in the development of small and medium enterprises in Central Asia, increasing local economic growth in the most remote parts of Tajikistan.

The launching of of the Community Based Tourism Association, which represented a significant milestone within the scope of the project, took place during the Tajik National Tourism Conference, which was held to assess and improve the tourism environment in Tajikistan. The conference had a significant presence of international and local organizations, and was covered by local media.


About the Tajik Community Based Tourism Association

It will act as a national umbrella organization, with the support of ACTED Tajikistan, and aims to promote and support community based tourism initiatives in Tajikistan, with a particular attention paid to local communities in rural and remote parts of the country. Through training sessions and workshops, and the establishment of common standards and technical support for its members, the association will promote the systematic increase of the quantity and quality of tourist services available in Tajikistan. Through this, aims to positively impact the economic conditions of many rural communities in Tajikistan, through the creation of new income generating opportunities, while preserving and honouring local culture and traditions. Additionally, and in an effort to build off of previous achievements in community based tourism development in Central Asia, the association is working closely with the Kyrgyz Community Based Tourism Association,in order to promote and facilitate the development of cross-border tours and cooperation with partners and companies in Kyrgyzstan.

The Tajik Community Based Tourism Association will also take part in the Internationale Tourismus-Börse to be hosted in Berlin in March of 2015, the largest tourism exposition in the world. At this event TCBTA, ACTED, and the project’s partnering organisations, will have the chance to present their achievements and future plans to the global tourism market.