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Challenging youth delinquency through vocational training

The enforced confinement of refugees along the Thai-Myanmar border and limited livelihoods opportunities within the camps shape the psycho-social problems entrenched in these communities. The frustration resulting from those circumstances causes some to turn to drugs, alcohol, violence and/or crime in order to cope. For young adults who drop out of school, the situation is exacerbated through self-exclusion and limited support networks.

This month, ACTED have collaborated with the refugee community to provide solutions to engage youth at the margins of society through vocational training. The practical nature of activities provides a productive outlet for frustrations and a more positive outcome for youth within the camps, supporting their future and improving community relations. As ACTED’s vocational training courses are held on both sides of the border, Myanmar refugees will be able to contribute their skills and qualifications to labour market needs in both Myanmar and Thailand.