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Caroline, Food Right Now campaign coordinator

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Interview featured in the Alliance2015 September 2013 newsletter

Caroline, you are in charge of the Food Right Now campaign at ACTED, please tell us a bit about what that implies.

Food Right Now is an awareness raising campaign focusing on MDG 1 - the eradication of hunger. Cesvi (lead agency), Welthungerhilfe, People In Need, Concern and ACTED implement this campaign together. We work with young people in high schools and universities, conducting awareness raising activities on hunger issues and mobilising them to fight hunger. This is a positive campaign: we want to show that solutions exist. Even in Europe, we can help to improve food security. We hope to also commit our colleagues in the field to become online Food Right Now ambassadors!

What do you like best about working together in a consortium with the other Alliance2015 partners?

It is very inspiring to work in a European context. We share good practices and ideas in order to increase the impact of the activities we are organizing with young people. We benefit from each others’ experience, improving the campaign and the activities implemented in each country. I also enjoy the fact that we have shared activities such as the creative media competition. The winners from each country will travel to Prague in March 2014 for the One World Film Festival. They will share their experience and perception of mobilisation against hunger. Other winners will go to Uganda and produce a film on food security. They will work on exhibition materials to be displayed in the five countries involved in the campaign.

And is there anything you would like to change and improve – any ideas how to achieve that?

It would be even more exciting if we could organise more joint activities in the campaign. Our partners in France are very interested in the campaign’s European orientation. We could definitely look into widening the scope of the campaign in each country and why not to other EU member states as well!

Tell us about a personal and favourite detail about Paris that you’d like to share with us.

I enjoy Paris in the summer when all the Parisians are on holidays and the city tends to be a bit quieter…

And what is important to you outside of work and the office?

I am very interested in the post-Soviet region especially Central Asia and Caucasus where I had the chance to live and travel. I find the history of the region, which is a mix of cultures, really fascinating!

Find out more about the Food Right Now campaign!

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