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news | August 24, 2016 | oPT | Development

Career fair in OPT to celebrate International Youth Day

Youth job seekers participating in the career fair. (ACTED OPT, 2016)

To celebrate International Youth Day, ACTED and its national partner PYALARA, with support from the European Union, organized a career fair in Hebron, Occupied Palestinian Territory, on August 16.

In the Occupied Palestinian Territory, where unemployment rate exceeded 25% in 2015, ACTED and its partner PYALARA have been implementing a two and a half year project funded by the European Union, aimed at economically empowering youth. Through the establishment of two employability centres in the West Bank and Gaza, young job seekers benefit from increased opportunities to access the labor market by learning life skills, receiving professional training, and attending career fairs.

The career fair, organized by both project partners on 16 August 2016, welcomed over 800 young men and women at the Hebron Polytechnic University. The young job seekers had the opportunity to meet with over 35 companies, apply and interview for any of the 135 available vacancies, which were advertised through a dedicated booklet disseminated among participants.

During the preparation phase of the youth career fair, more than 100 youth were trained through PYALARA’s employability centre on CV writing and interview preparation. In parallel, several key stakeholders provided institutional support to ACTED and PYALARA’s employability centre by taking part in the Career Fair Organizing Committee, which aimed to ensure the successful involvement of the local private sector in the event. Among these actors were the Hebron Governor’s Office, Hebron Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of Labor and the Hebron Polytechnic University.

Aseel, a 22 year-old female student, recently graduated from Polytechnic University with a BA degree in engineering said that ACTED and PYALARA’s trainings helped her be better prepared. “The trainings conducted through PYALARA project helped me to prepare a strong CV and develop my skills,” she said. “I just had interviews with four companies during this career fair while applying to the announced vacancies. For me, this is a great experience, and is also an invaluable opportunity for other youth job seekers to directly meet and engage with the private sector,” she added.

The unemployment rate among young graduates in OPT is above 50%, according to 2015 figures from the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics.