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Building Preparedness and Prevention to anticipate flooding and landslides in Zarafshan Valley (Sayron, Gas, Guzn and Arnokhun villages)

In reaction to the rapid melting of glaciers in Tajikistan due to higher than normal temperatures this summer, which has induced heavy rain and small scale floods and mudflows, ACTED has identified four villages in the Zarafshan Valley (Sayron, Gas, Guzn and Arnokhun) at high risk of flooding and landslides. Through a 45-day intervention funded by the START Fund, ACTED will in July and August 2017 (1) enhance community preparedness through training sessions on Disaster Reduction Risks to support the preparation of Hazard Vulnerability Assessment (HVA) and of Village Disaster Preparedness Plans (VDPP) by the target population. It will be complemented by (2) prevention measures to mitigate risks of flooding and landslides, such as the construction of embankments in risk zones. The anticipation project is expected to save many lives and prevent economic losses by building disaster resilience. The total number of beneficiaries is 1,966 persons.