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Building community resilience through an integrated and multi-sectoral intervention in conflict affected regions of Menaka and Gao

ACTED's intervention aims to support the restoration and consolidation of the livelihoods of 83,960 vulnerable people in the Menaka and Gao regions. A multisectoral approach will be implemented to rebuild the livelihoods and needs of vulnerable households that have suffered damage from the 2012 conflict and multiple climatic shocks (droughts, floods).

ACTED will support fishermen and fishing cooperatives in order to revitalize the fisheries sector through the provision of fishing equipment and complete training on the fishing production chain. ACTED plans to provide livestock feed during the lean season to support livestock and limit the effect of the lack of pasture. Pastoral populations will also benefit from a vaccination and deworming campaign to protect livestock and consequently their sources of income. To complement the immunization campaign, ACTED will train and accompany community animal health workers in the region to develop a network of community-based services in support of veterinary services to assist pastoral populations. Vaccination parks will be rehabilitated and management committees will be set up to provide a comprehensive service to pastoral populations. In addition, ACTED will support market gardeners and market gardening cooperatives through the provision of tools, seeds and training to strengthen collective dynamics and ensure the sustainability of this economic and subsistence activity. Income generating activities such as traditional dairy, cheese and butter production will be implemented for vulnerable women to enable them to become a sustainable source of income. On the other hand, there is a direct correlation between disaster risk reduction measures and food insecurity. DRR strategies improve the resilience of communities by enabling them to better anticipate, absorb and recover from the shocks they face. ACTED will put in place an early warning system in the Bourem circle. Through Cash for Work, ACTED will provide an immediate source of income for households throughout the dry season to help cover their basic spending while enabling communities to work on rebuilding productive community assets such as irrigated land for agricultural production and pastoral sinks. Finally, due to the problem of access to water in the region, ACTED will rehabilitate 4 pastoral areas and form management committees for greater sustainability. Through the implementation of these activities and this approach, ACTED wishes contribute to strengthening individual and community resilience capacities of vulnerable populations and enable them to better anticipate future shocks and rebuild livelihoods in an area still facing many humanitarian needs but is beginning to rebuild and recover from crisis

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